How Sensei works
for your stores?

Fast Deployment

Allowing seamless integration into existing retail systems and leveraging already installed hardware.


Sensei builds a bridge between the emotions of the physical shopping experience and the efficiency of the digital stores.

360º Overview

Sensei enables retailers and store managers to access all business and store data in a single web-based platform at any time anywhere.

Advanced Analytics

Sensei correlates in-store data with POS data and transforms it into viable summaries to make sure your team discovers every possibility to improve store operations.

Accurate Insights

Insights to optimize retail space layout, staff allocation, product assortment, shelf replenishment and the placement of promotional areas.

Stores benchmark

Sensei gives you a true understanding of your customer patterns, trends and in-store interactions across your retail chain.

Key features

Store Traffic

Count how many people enter your store and at what times to prepare your team for peak traffic hours.


Find out how many of the store entrants convert into actual buyers. Our solution merges with your POS to spot your full sales execution and lost sales opportunities.

Customer Flow

Understand your customer’s journey as they enter and move through your store. Know the time that they spent in specific areas and how those areas are performing.


Scan Shelves

Digitise your store inventory and every SKU, detect in real-time if a product is out-of-shelf or misplaced.

Planogram Compliance

Evaluate compliance of supermarkets planograms, pricing labels and campaigns in order to build an optimized product assortment.

Product Interaction

Understand customers interactions with products, benchmark products performance and improve interaction-transaction ratio.