What are Sensei’s
strong points?

Fast Activation

Our customised solution permits a seamless integration into your existing retail systems. This saves you costs and time and allows you to make use of your entire business data pool.


Engage and interact with your customers through a variety of online and offline channels. Personalised marketing across web, mobile and on-site will make their shopping experience unique.

Centralised View

Sensei enables you to access all store data in a single web-based platform at any time and place. Our unified reports provide store managers with a fast and clear overview of the store, while offering them the flexibility to take a closer look at details if needed.

Advanced Analytics

No other tracking software captures every detail of your store with the same granularity. We correlate the collected data with your POS and transform it into viable summaries to make sure your team discovers every possibility to improve store operations.

Enhanced Conversion

Sensei gives your team a true understanding of your customer patterns, trends and expectations. Use this smart insight, along with personalised proximity marketing to satisfy growing customer demand and boost your turnover.


High accuracy data gives you the confidence you need to optimize retail space layout, product assortment and the placement of promotional areas.

How does it work?

Store Outside

Identify the potential of your store within its location. Know how many people pass by and whether your window displays and marketing efforts have the intended effect.

Store Traffic

Count how many people enter your store and at what times to prepare your team for peak traffic hours.


Find out how many of the store entrants convert into actual buyers. Our solution merges with your POS to spot your full sales execution and opportunities.



Measure your customer’s direction and paths as they enter and move across your store. Determine their dwell times and see how specific areas perform to adapt to their shopping behaviour.

Object Interaction

Detect how your customers interact with certain products or displays and use this fine grasp to optimize their location along with your overall product mix.

Customer Interaction

Understand your customers segments and preferences and target them with personalised offers in your custom mobile application. Identifying line-time and customer support needs lets you deliver exceptional service.