24 hour shopping has been made simple, safe and convenient. A small but scalable autonomous store format to provide simple, scan free shopping.

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Turnkey stores

Retailers can just place one in an outdoor location or create their own concession within an existing store.

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Customised & scalable

Turnkey stores are fully branded and made, with our without add-on extras, to each retailer’s specific requirements.

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Easy to manage with low running costs and information on stock levels and shopper insights and information, all provided instantly in real time.

A smoother shopping

Come on in

Shoppers can enter with an app or a contactless card.


Shop as normal

Items are automatically added and removed from virtual baskets. No need to scan barcodes or read RFID tags.


Doors open automatically. No time wasted in queues. Receipts are displayed on the app.

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Pod Features
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Completely unobtrusive

Our cameras and sensors are designed to blend
with any store environment.

Pod Features
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Easy & reliable

Swipe a card or app for entry and leave with everything you need plus accurate receipts.

Pod Features
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Easy and reliable

Our affordable cameras and sensors are designed in-house for quick deployment across existing or new stores of all sizes: from convenience to hypermarkets.

Pod Features
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Shopper-centric: delivering the ultimate shopping UX

Accurate receipts and 100% store uptime
Shelf intelligence in real-time, low running costs and complete insights on operations and customer behaviour. Your stores' value proposition will be unbeatable.

Pod Features
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Modular: flexible & scalable feautures and sizes

Create the shopping  experience you envision with all the equipment you like. We also offer optional add-ons such as screens and lockers to help you further monetize the space

Autonomous Pods can be digitised
in a matter of weeks

Powered by Sensei retail & AI experts

Overnight installation

Outdoor A.Pod arrives overnight. Indoor PoD is assembled overnight so there is no disruption to the main business.

Invisible learning

Proprietary algorithms learn customers and products patterns to ensure a 100% accurate and natural shopping experience.

Ready to go

Go-live with ongoing support from
our experts.

A winning combination

Find out how our digital technology powers each AStore.

Ahead of the game

We were the first company to help a big retailer to open a completely autonomous store in Europe.

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