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AI that understands videos from your stores

At Sensei, we leverage artificial intelligence to help our clients boost their retail execution and merchandising. Our solutions incorporates breakthrough deep learning algorithms that can instantly analyze and recognize millions of product items based on shelf pictures from any camera. Over time, our system learns to self-adjust and recognize new examples of products it has never seen. Without the need for explicit rules, the system can recognize products even with low-quality inputs. It’s a generic system, fast to roll out for new product bases, adaptive, and robust to real conditions to get truly accurate results.
state of the art

Computer Vision Technology

State of the Art

Sensei developed the latest advances in AI and Deep Learning and computer vision for retail. Allowing the capture of real-time events and product detection from any camera in-store.

Customer Privacy
at the Core

Sensei takes the right for privacy seriously and as one of our core values. Our technology is built on the basis of strict privacy regulations and is compliant with all existing data protection regulations and will be in line with all forthcoming EU regulations.

Actionable metrics
from your stores

All the knowledge derived from the streams and video frames is automatically transformed into data that can be represented and turned into insights and actionable analytics in our platform.

Computer vision technology
Scan and processing of store data
Scan and processing of store data
Scan and processing of store data


Modular software architecture

A scalable and modular software architecture that gives us the flexibility to integrate from a wide array of computer vision algorithms. Accelerating the scope and evolution of our image recognition, deep learning, and applications, enabling us to provide retail with the most accurate insights rapidly.

Agnostic to any hardware

Our algorithms are hardware-agnostic, so we can easily capture all the fundamental in-store data using any camera infrastructure installed in the stores. Our algorithms extract information from the video streams and not from the cameras.

Innovative dataset framework

We have developed a dataset creation framework that allows us to create contextual datasets quickly. So we guarantee unprecedented levels of accuracy, reduce the need for image classification through mechanical Turk, and accelerate entry lead time into new markets.