Engineering Team

Sr. Product Manager | Retailer Products

Lisbon, Portugal
We're on a mission to make shopping a breeze for millions of shoppers worldwide. Imagine a retail experience so smooth, it's like riding a ninja skateboard through a cloud! We believe in automation, efficiency, and, most importantly, creating the best shopping experience ever!
Lisbon, Portugal

Greetings, future Sensei 👋
Are you ready to embark on a hilarious and enlightening journey into the world of retail revolution? Hold onto your hakama, because Sensei is here to develop autonomous stores and sprinkle digital transformation magic all over the retail sector!

Why join Sensei, you ask?
Oh, I'm glad you asked! We're on a mission to make shopping a breeze for millions of shoppers worldwide. Imagine a retail experience so smooth, it's like riding a ninja skateboard through a cloud! We believe in automation, efficiency, and, most importantly, creating the best shopping experience ever!

Sensei is a vibrant team of over 60 talented ninjas based in Portugal, Brazil and Spain!  We're firm believers that happy people make better ninjas, which is why we encourage everyone to do the things they love the most (besides meditation, of course)!

How Can you Help?

As a Senior Product Manager, you should be ready to rock the Retailer Products Cluster like a boss, partnering up with an Engineering Ninja. The cluster mission is to give retailer the ultimate platform to manage and run their stores end-to-end with full visibility, total control- they'll love it! In order to contribute to that you will spearhead the entire digital product lifecycle. This includes conducting in-depth product and market research, analysing competitors, strategising, defining requirements, developing roadmaps, and orchestrating product launches- all in sync with the Cluster vision.

Sales and profits, here we come!  Yes, doing that you'll be maximising SaaS user license sales and leveraging data to its full potential, a key company objective.

The Product pack of this cluster currently has a Product Designer, that you will Lead like Master! Depending on the business growth, you will play a crucial role in assessing resources and recruiting top talents for the clan's epic expansion.

🎯To thrive in this role, you must have:

  • Master in Product Design/Management/Engineering, wielding vast experience in leading and managing clients' projects like a true samurai warrior
  • Proven record of triumph as a Product Manager (or similar role) with a focus on core data-driven digital products
  • Success etched in the stars, overseeing every aspect of the product development lifecycle with the precision of a skilled archer
  • The art of managing cross-functional teams is your secret weapon, unleashing their full potential and unity
  • Your words flow like a serene river, backed by exceptional writing and editing skills. In battle, your presentations and public speaking are awe-inspiring
  • Master communicator! Your skills mesmerise clients, workshops thrive under your guidance, and teams are fuelled by your motivation. A true prodigy in collaboration with other managers (product and engineering)
  • You are able to catch minor errors before they snowball into major problems
  • Organisational prowess fit for a martial arts grandmaster! You effortlessly juggle workshops, roadmaps, schedules, rituals, and processes with ninja-like efficiency

🌟Will be a plus if you have:

  • You have developed products in a startup environment (0 to 1)
  • Have past experience on creating a product development lifecycle from the ground (from idea to concept, prototyping, testing, development and launch)
  • You area a true Sensei ,and will skip the line, if you already managed retailer products

📅After 6 moons of journey, your success will shine if you:

  • Have a deep understanding of the retailer platform, staff, and customer applications, and the enigmatic autonomous system within stores. Harness the power of data to shape visionary new projects
  • Unravel the secrets of the retailer tools landscape, decipher market trends, and size up your competitors with ninja precision. Position and differentiate our products with expert finesse!
  • Engage in workshops with clients, delving into their deepest desires for digital products, especially the FAST platform. Listen and learn from their whispers of wisdom
  • Transmute workshop insights into a crystal-clear product vision and roadmap. Align the stars – dates, owners, and acceptance tests – to guide us on our quest to greatness
  • Lead the epic product lifecycle battles, from research and analysis to cunning planning and perfect positioning. Launch multiple applications with the prowess of a seasoned warrior!
  • Know your team members like a Sensei knows their disciples. Develop profiles as clear as moonlight to reveal their potential for greatness. Identify training and hiring needs to forge an invincible force
  • Create the art of efficiency through sacred processes and rituals, ensuring projects are completed with time to spare. Share your wisdom with comprehensive feedback and performance reviews to nurture the path of growth and mastery

🏆What's in it for you:

  • A competitive compensation package – a reward worthy of a ninja master!
  • Our annual flex benefits package is like a magical genie granting your desires – gym time, a professional coach, or even part of that MBA dream – the choice is yours!
  • Fierce Health Insurance
  • We offer the ultimate work blend – the hybrid or full remote model! Be it the cozy remote caves or the bustling office battlegrounds, you have the power to choose!
  • You'll enjoy a whole 24 days of holiday allowance to recharge your warrior spirit and embark on epic adventures!
  • Parents, we've got your back too! With paid parental leave, you won't have to choose between family and work – because balance is the key to true harmony!

And hey, a friendly reminder, at Sensei, we all speak the language of ninjas – English! So sharpen those linguistic shurikens and show us your skills!

Remember, every warrior is welcome in our dojo – regardless of backgrounds, flags, or beliefs! So don't hesitate to join our diverse tribe – your uniqueness is your superpower! 🌈💪

Join Sensei, and let's embark on this thrilling adventure of a lifetime! 🚀

Join us, and you'll have a meaningful role in the next evolution of the shopping experience.