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Sensei is an AI powered real-time video recognition solution for retail providing accurate in-store traffic flow analysis, sales performance, and product recognition. Sensei uses the streams from installed surveillance cameras to capture in-store data. Combining these data with retailer business data, Sensei uses artificial intelligence technology to gather, analyze, and match online and offline data about customers and products.


Our Solutions



Get a 360-degree view of your business. Track all store activities and customer patterns in real time.



Sensei transforms your store data into metrics that enable your team to understand customer experience.



Use Sensei actionable insights in real-time to optimize store operations and drive sales conversion.

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State of the Art AI and Computer Vision Technology

Sensei powerful image and video recognition technology is built on the most advanced machine learning systems and made readily accessible to empower retailers all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent stores.

Sensei Dashboard

Sensei platform harnesses in-store data to make better, more informed decisions with data mining and predictive analysis delivered through a fully integrated retail BI platform. Access all relevant data about your store, products, staff and customers in a web-based dashboard from any place you go.


Partners and Clients

Sensei steadily increasing partner network forms the basis for business growth.

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