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Distributed Systems Engineer


We're looking for a Distributed Systems Engineer that is passionate about building the required infrastructure to make systems scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly available.

You will integrate the team that builds and evolves our Back-end infrastructure. In particular:

  • Design and develop distributed architectures comprising hundreds of nodes, with different requirements (e.g. GPU based), distributed across different locations, and running on hardware with entirely different specs (e.g. server, edge, embedded);
  • Contribute to the infrastructure responsible of monitoring, predicting, and handling network partitions, cascading failures, and any other types of failures associated with complex distributed systems architectures;
  • Test and validate distributed systems with tests, active monitoring and other techniques such as chaos engineering;
  • Stay up to date with the latest state of art literature on distributed systems;
  • Participate in technology evaluation and prototyping; recommending specific; technologies to pursue and suggesting training and staff development activities as needed;
  • Share knowledge about distributed systems among peers and promote best practices across the development team;
  • Be a part of ensuring our infrastructure code is flexible, maintainable, testable, and reliable;

Main requirements

  • MSc or PhD in Computer Science Engineering or related field with 3 to 4 years' industry experience;
  • Deep familiarity with software architecture principles and design patterns;
  • Solid proficiency with Python, C++ or any other object-oriented language;
  • Excellent documentation and testing practices;
  • Solid understanding (both practical and theoretical) of Distributed Systems, with a specific emphasis on - - Fault-Tolerant and High Availability software;
  • Ability to identify performance bottlenecks by using application profilers and load-testing tools;
  • Experience of developing in Linux/Unix environments;
  • Working knowledge of Git;

Nice to have

  • Interest in systems engineering and low-level programming languages (e.g. c, c++, rust);
  • knowledgeable about libraries and frameworks used to compile and run python code on bare-metal (e.g. Python);

Benefits & Perks

We put all of our employees at very high standards, and we want you to be thoroughly rewarded for that. We believe in providing the best environment to allow you to do your best work, and we currently offer the following:

  • Amazing personal growth experience - The rare chance of having decision ownership and direct impact on the growth of a venture-backed startup;
  • Remote and flexible working hours – as long as you get the work done;
  • Ownership - This is the most exciting time to join Sensei, and you'll have direct input and influence on the direction we take;
  • Motivating compensation – Competitive compensation package;
  • Working with a motivated and talented team - A fun and supportive office environment working alongside some real experts;
  • Impactful work – you'll have a rare opportunity to build a product literally used by millions of people across the world;
  • A holiday allowance of 24 days per year;
  • Top of the range equipment to help you do your job to the highest possible standard;
  • Regular learning meetings as part of our growth-mindset culture;

Apply by email to careers@sensei.tech - please put the job title in the subject of the email and write us why you are a fit to work at Sensei. Join us, and you'll have a meaningful role in the next evolution of the shopping experience.