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Store Data

Our technology lets retailers know the activity of each store in their retail chain. Now they get a full overview of the performance of each of their stores at various levels such as customer traffic, geography, staff. This information is fundamental to allocate and distribute products, personnel optimally and develop appropriate strategies and correcting performance or strategy failures for each store in advance.

Cashierless Check-out

Time spent in queues, counting change and other little things add friction to the shopping experience. By digitising in-store activity, our API allows any store to be autonomous and friction-free.

Customer insights

With the right tool, you can turn millions of customers into millions of insights. Data analysis will help you understand your customers, their preferences and their in-store behaviour. Leverage this knowledge to improve your relationships, business and increase your customer's' basket size.

Real-time in-store inventory analytics

Track every product on the shelf to evaluate compliance with your planograms and campaigns. Misplaced and out-of-the-shelf products are detected in real-time and information is constantly gathered to optimize your operations and supply-chain decisions.

Customer Data

Our in-store customer data helps you refine your customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, shopping experience, loyalty, and product assortment. This data promotes an efficient allocation of marketing resources, the maximization of cross- and upselling opportunities leading to improved customer service and assists in customer loyalty and retention.

Segment your customers and their preferences

Our technology can anonymously capture a set of demographic and customer behavior data that allows you to power more refined in-store segmentation models. Enabling retail to leverage more advanced methods and business strategies to increase customer satisfaction with functions such as pricing, promotions, experience, and product assortment.

Customer journey and in-store behaviour

With knowledge of customer in-store insights such as customer traffic, product preferences, shopping history and customer journey, store associates can offer a personalized service and build stronger relationships with customers. Understanding traffic patterns in the store, and how merchandising and staff deployment impact sales is a prerequisite for the future of retail.

Increase loyalty and basket size

This massive amount of actionable in-store customer data allows retailers to find interesting insights around loyalty, consumption, and preferences. We enable retailers to capitalize on consumer shopping behavior by segmenting information by categories and customers segments to support the strategies of your loyalty, marketing, and category management teams.

Product Data

By applying our product recognition algorithms, we can help you save more than half of the time and money spent in store on manual labour-intensive product data collection and analysis. With cutting edge recognition deep learning and image recognition algorithms specializing around SKU’s recognition. Sensei provides a real-time solution to automate audits to in-store inventory, shelf display, out-of-shelf and product interaction to deliver a powerful visualization of products and granular store conditions that has never been possible before.

Scan all of your shelves 
in real-time

We take full advantage of the amount of information present in videos scan in real time the in-store products evolution in the shelves. So you can measure with an incredible precision the difference between the reality in stores and your expectations, detect in real-time every time a product is no longer on the shelf or if a product is misplaced at the store.

Real-time planogram compliance

Our image recognition-based detector  transform shelf pictures into planograms. So you can quickly evaluate the compliance of the planograms, pricing labels and campaigns and build customized and optimized product placement recommendations to support retailers and stores, and empower your field operations.

Streamlined in-store operations

Save up to 60% of your replenishing and store operations teams by replacing the painstaking work of manually counting the products in-store, inferring about missing products through sales and the painful product replenishment process. By a technology that automates the whole process, by making available all the information about the products on the shelves and store in real time.

Sensei BI Platform

Mine in-store data and process it via a fully-integrated, enterprise-calibre retail BI platform. Harness the power of data with predictive analysis to make better, more informed decisions.

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