Autonomous Cabinets

Our hyper proximity, hyper convenience format. Available 24/7, 100% automated.

How it works

The best experience for shoppers

1. Open the door

Shoppers can unlock the cabinet door simply by scanning the QR code or tapping their card.

2. Grab what you want

Our system automatically adds items to shoppers’ virtual baskets when picked.

3. Get the receipt

Closing the door concludes the purchase and the digital receipt is issued.

Autonomous Cabinets


Plug & Play

Autonomous Cabinets are beautifully designed shelf units that are instantly deployable anywhere, allowing retailers to extend their shelf space and take it to the day-to-day of the consumer, with total flexibility on product assortment.

Low Capex, Low Opex

Our solution allows our clients to open a network of micro stores without requiring a hefty upfront investment, while a 100% autonomous operation allows for low operational costs and a very attractive return on investment. 6-month payback.

Network Friendly Operation

Our Autonomous Cabinet solution is best suited for large-scale deployment. We provide our clients with the necessary tools to centrally manage a network of cabinets efficiently and with a strong focus on value.

A Solid Business Case

Whether it is in a gym, a condominium, a university, or a hospital, our cabinets are designed to seamlessly fit into any setting and allow our clients to serve a multitude of consumers using a highly targeted product assortment.



Cab in no time


Our Cabinets are ready to use once they arrive to their destination, just need to get rid of the wraping.

Just Plug-in

After having the Autonomous Cabinet placed on the location with the most high visibility, just plug it in.

Ready to Roll

Robust algorithms and proprietary hardware provide 99.2% basket accuracy.

Get started today

Isn’t this the kind of shopping your customers dream of?



Hearing is believing

“Since we met Sensei we've been extremely excited to rethink our shopping experience together, in what we are sure to be a long and fruitful partnership.”

Frederico Santos
Head of Digital and Innovation, Sonae MC



Hearing is believing

“It is very clear for Galp’s Board that the transformation of our business is a must. Launching our Smart Store with Sensei is something Galp needed to do.”

Teresa Abecassis
COO & Executive Board Member, Galp