Autonomous Stores

A seamless shopping experience, without scanning or waiting in lines, in stores of all sizes and formats.

How it works

The best experience for shoppers

1. Enter without barriers

Shoppers enter as normally do and use their app or card at the entry or exit point.

2. Shop as usual

Our system automatically adds items to shoppers’ virtual baskets when picked.

3. Head out

No time wasted queuing. Receipts are displayed in the app.

Autonomous Stores



Retailers can offer not only a seamless shopping experience, but also leverage data to add value to the consumer (e.g. optimized assortments and layouts) as welll as provide targeted communications and promotions through the app.

Next-level operations

No having the need for cashiers is just the tip of a massive iceberg. Real-time visibility over shelf inventory and other store-floor metrics allows for a more efficient, proactive and centralized management of a store network.

Retail tested accuracy

Extremely high accuracy tested in crowded environments, with leading retailers. We offer a combination of mature, highly reliable technology together with best-in-class 24/7 enterprise grade service.


We value your customers' privacy and are fully compliant with global data protection regulations. Our system does not collect any biometric data points and thus no personally identifiable information is stored.



Autonomous Store in no time

Fast Setup

Minimal disruption in store operations with deployment times ranging from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Go-Live in no Time

Next-day new products onboarding, through a highly optimised neural network training.

Ready to Roll

System's high flexibility, availability and robustness allows for stores to run 24/7.

Get started today

Isn’t this the kind of shopping your customers dream of?



Hearing is believing

“Since we met Sensei we've been extremely excited to rethink our shopping experience together, in what we are sure to be a long and fruitful partnership.”

Frederico Santos
Head of Digital and Innovation, Sonae MC



Hearing is believing

“It is very clear for Galp’s Board that the transformation of our business is a must. Launching our Smart Store with Sensei is something Galp needed to do.”

Teresa Abecassis
COO & Executive Board Member, Galp