Questions about Sensei?
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What is Sensei?

Sensei is an end-to-end service that allows retailers to automate their stores and significantly reduce operational costs. Our technology provides a frictionless and checkout free experience for shoppers – with zero time wasted in lines.

Is Sensei free for shoppers?

Yes – absolutely!

I am worried about privacy. Does Sensei use facial recognition?

No. Shoppers’ privacy and personal data protection is one of our core priorities. Our system is fully compliant with current regulation.

How does Sensei handle diversity of gender and race?

Given our algorithms not relying on facial recognition, our solution is completely bias-free.

What about cashier job loss?

The collapse of the retail industry means the loss of millions of jobs. To save those jobs and stay competitive, retailers will have to improve productivity and drive out mechanical tasks from the system.